Trying to get a GRIP on the heat coming in this office

My friend Natalie works for GRIP websites, she designs websites for as little as $250! She was dying in her office and needed me to come out and tint her windows. She already had a film on there but it wasn’t doing enough to block the heat coming into the room. So I ripped it off and we started over again, I took readings on the ground before the film came off it was about 89°, once the film came off it went up to almost 92° within a few minutes, and after I installed the new film, again within minutes the temp on the floor was down to 84°! Wow, big difference over the film but even bigger over having nothing on the glass, I also did a neighboring office in the bldg, but I forgot the after shots, but it was cooler in there too! And if anyone needs to get a start-up website going, Natalie spends a small amount of time with you to get you a great looking affordable website, let me know and I can put you in touch with her.

New film on left old film on right