Local radio DJs Corvette in need of bumper protection

I’ve listened to this guy for years on the radio, he’s great and he’s married to my eye Dr., Whom I’ve done alot of work for. They contacted me about getting a clear bra put on the corvette they had recently purchased and they were trying to preserve the paint. I’m not a big fan of clear bra myself, I don’t like seeing the line it leaves on the car, I’ve seen it damage paint just by removing it, many more reasons. So I told him the cons, as they had looked up the product online where he had heard all the pros, and I was telling him about wrapping. We discussed what the vinyl would do compared to clear bra, it’s not the same, but for minor things that will come in contact with the front end, in my experience is fine. Now he has a black corvette so the black gloss 3m vinyl match was virtually identical. Once the car was done it was tough to tell I did anything at all, so we got some during pictures to prove I was working!


After, hmmmm or is it



During, I knew I put it on