Tint doesn’t have to be dark

Window film has come a long way in the last few years. You used to have to have a very dark tint to keep the heat out, now the film can be virtually clear and still block a tremendous amount of heat! The technology in window film is changing everyday and with ceramic films you can enjoy an unchanged view with amazing benefits. This customer had many windows letting in large amounts of heat, and harmful UV, damaging the beautiful stairs. He chose a energy efficient film that blocks 60% of the heat and 99% of the UV from entering thru the glass all while making the view easier on the eyes, reducing the glare! Light films like this prove that tint doesn’t have to be dark to provide many great benefits.


Photo bomb time…

Been super busy, some of my latest projects have been, ceiling lights at Coast Chiropractics office, to stop from blinding the patients while they’re getting adjusted. They chose a stone pattern that looks very soothing for the patients. Another customer that had an entry that you could see straight thru the house, so she chose a bamboo film for a beautiful view and full privacy. She also wanted some heat protection on other windows in the home as well, so All Under Wraps took care of that also. I also met a great couple in Tara Woods that had their windows tinted 23 years ago and had a single pane that had broken, she couldn’t get anyone to come out for 1 pane. So once again All Under Wraps to the rescue, she had a bronze film on the windows when I put my sample up they matched almost identical, I asked again how long had this film been on the windows, 23 years she said, the film looked good for it’s age that’s for sure. Once the new piece was on the set of windows looked good as new, and I got to meet a great couple. I appreciate all the work and referrals I’ve been getting lately, big thanks to everyone!

Galaxy fireworks is hot

I got a call from Galaxy Fireworks on Palm Beach Blvd and the front counter register area was getting blasted by the heat and sun. They needed something done badly, I took a reading on the floor it was 104°! The owner of the store had a few options to choose from but ultimately decided on the one way mirror film that blocks up to 84% of the heat! One the window was done and I was cleaned up I took another testing on the floor, it went down 14°! down to 90° that’s awesome! Hopefully this is the help that they were looking for, I know I felt cooler when I was done working.

Saving energy in your home in winter?

Yes we’ll we do live in Florida, so winter comes but maybe two or three days, if we’re lucky! So for the most part it’s hot and sunny, which is great, but not if its making your home hotter, and running up your electric bill. So my friend Todd, who sells life insurance, usually cheaper than most companies out there, needed his home protected. I showed him a few samples but his mind was already made up, he wanted it nice and dark and wanted the whole house done. Sunteks syds 15 was the perfect choice, great privacy and a 79% heat block! The side by sides look very drastic but when the whole window is done it’s much more like a pair of polarized glasses for your home, the details are much clearer, the film takes away all the harsh, bright white light, and lets you see bluer blues, and greener greens. This film also blocks 99% of the UV rays which fades blinds, drapes, furniture and flooring. We’re also working on a custom stained glass film for the front door and transom window, that should be in soon! This should help Todd to save some money on his bills, just like he can help you save on your insurance, if anyone needs a quote for his services, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him!

Making a blissful residence

Today I was installing film on my friend Fran’s home, she’s the market manager at PNC Mortgage, she’s the one to call if you need a mortgage or refi. She has a beautiful home with a very open entry way, and an office that was extremely hot, heating the rest of the home. So when I stopped by to give her and her husband an estimate we went over many samples and settled on Suntek syds 15 for its 79% block of the heat from entering the home. The pictures don’t do justice today as it was a little cloudy our but the numbers don’t lie, after installing the film and only a few minutes later, taking the temp on the floor it already went down 4°! That’s pretty substantial! I still need to go back and install a clear film to protect it from the dogs greeting their guests! Big thanks to Fran and it anyone can use her services please let me know!

Another busy day

I have been super busy, I haven’t had time to sit down and write about anything lately. So I’m taking a minute to write about one of last week’s jobs. This customer contacted me about getting his house tinted, he’s had his previous homes tinted before and already knows the benefits of tinted glass. I had given him an estimate for the whole home, he wanted some rooms darker than the others because of the heat that they were enduring. So I showed him multiple samples and went over pricing with him and gave a quote. He had said he was going to get a few other quotes and I told him to get back with me whenever I could help him. He called a few weeks later ready to proceed with the install. Most of the house Sunteks syds 25 was used and on the hottest areas of the house used syds 15 for its very high heat block. In talking with the customer some of the other estimates he had gotten ranged from a few hundred more, up to twice as much! The customer was very happy with the price and the install and the film made a huge difference!

Syds 15 half done looks drastic but when it’s all done…

Completed window looks beautiful and clear

Mitred window half done with syds 25

Completed window can’t even tell it’s on there!

Syds 15 half done

Completed room like looking thru polarized glasses

This week’s photo bomb, Boom!

Another busy week, a couple houses some vehicles, Dog rescue with a friend, RV Tinting, carpet and runner for a customers coach and more meetings and estimates! It’s feeling good to stay so busy, hopefully it will keep on going. Normally this time of year is slower with kids going back to school, but we have been very steady, and we recently got a nice lead from a local blind company, which we will be installing in the next week. Big thanks to everyone that helped me this week! Couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned for the most current pictures, thanks!

Customer wants one window darker

Just did this house over the weekend, and the back room just wasn’t dark enough for my customer. They got in touch with me Sunday and I was able move some things around to be able to get to them first thing. It’s just one window, but that’s no worry to me, keeping my customers happy, coming back and spreading the word about my company is a great help. I was happy to get down to put a darker, higher heat reduction piece of film on their window for them.

Before with film half done

After with darker film half done

Completed window just looks normal

Mobile home in need of cooling and privacy

This customer I’ve done multiple cars for but now their home needed some much needed window attention, it was in a mobile home park and the homeowner was not getting enough heat blockage from the blinds. The best answer for that is window film it stops the heat right at the glass unlike with just blinds where the the sun is blocked but the heat slowly still comes into the home. Since the customer had just moved and was getting things cleaned up they asked if I would clean the outside as well, they did have alot of dirt and dust on them, so I did and it just made my work shine even more. After I was done cleaning loaded up the car and went in to collect, it felt nice and cold inside, the customer even said it just feels calmer in here now, I love making my customers happy and keep them coming back for more.


After beautiful inside and out


During it gets darker each time but you can still see out clearly taking away all the glare


After big difference

Extension ladder required for this hot spot

I was installing some more film, for my customer with the lighthouse perfs, at their office and she asked about getting her house done as well. I had samples that I showed her and she could take home to show her husband, we set up a time that I could go and measure the windows she needed done. Originally she just wanted the sliders done to cool off the main room, which I quoted, but as I looked around the window above her entry was letting in alot of light. I asked what she had planned for that window, and she said she was thinking about blinds but they were expensive, and you can’t climb up to open and close them unless you get remote control blinds which are very expensive, so I suggested using some film to block the heat at the point at which in enters your home, the glass. She chose to go with Sunteks syds 15, which blocks 79% of the heat for her upper window and syds 25 for her sliders, to let some more light in. I’ve spoken to her since the install and she said the next day when she came home she normally would turn the air down real low to cool the house, now only had to turn it down a couple degrees, that’s gonna make a difference on the electric bill these hot summer days.

Before half done

After crystal clear view, all while gaining privacy and heat protection

Before up high

After big difference

Before exterior