Tint doesn’t have to be dark

Window film has come a long way in the last few years. You used to have to have a very dark tint to keep the heat out, now the film can be virtually clear and still block a tremendous amount of heat! The technology in window film is changing everyday and with ceramic films you can enjoy an unchanged view with amazing benefits. This customer had many windows letting in large amounts of heat, and harmful UV, damaging the beautiful stairs. He chose a energy efficient film that blocks 60% of the heat and 99% of the UV from entering thru the glass all while making the view easier on the eyes, reducing the glare! Light films like this prove that tint doesn’t have to be dark to provide many great benefits.



Today I’m finally able to post pictures about my most recent job, my customers had gone out of town and I didn’t want to ruin the reveal! I have been working with a local designer and printer to get this all to come together over the last few weeks. This was my first printed wrap install I’ve done. All the other wrap installs I’ve done have been just for color change, this was a totally different animal! I enlisted help from a good friend who could help me clean the car and help handle these huge panels and get them into place. This was a very fun, nerve wrecking project, fun because I’ve never done this before, nerve wrecking because I’ve never done this before! The customers picked up the car this morning and loved it! Vehicle Wraps are the best, dollar for dollar, way to advertise for your business, it’s like a mobile billboard that can attract attention everywhere you drive or park! I always try to park close to the entrance of a business that way everyone coming or leaving can see it! 1 more project All Under Wraps!

Fleet service

This morning I was doing a little window tinting in Cape Coral. Taking care of Royal Air Systems Inc. fleet, sprinter van and Ford van. Also installed film on some of his family members cars while I was there! This film will help keep them much cooler from job to job, and protect them from harmful UV! Thanks Quarry from High Impact Designz for the referral!

All  the way from North Carolina

This customer drove all the way down from North Carolina for some personal business but he and his son planned in advance for us to meet at his hotel and tint his windows. On the way here Golden Gate was on fire and they were evacuating people left and right, well they closed down the hotel they were staying at. After finding different accommodations I was able to get over this morning to see him. On this car we kept it North Carolina legal 35% all the way around. This Suntek film even though it’s light blocks out 53% of the heat and 99% of the UV rays, this is much better than the clear glass they have been dealing with, no protection! 

Photo bomb time…

Been super busy, some of my latest projects have been, ceiling lights at Coast Chiropractics office, to stop from blinding the patients while they’re getting adjusted. They chose a stone pattern that looks very soothing for the patients. Another customer that had an entry that you could see straight thru the house, so she chose a bamboo film for a beautiful view and full privacy. She also wanted some heat protection on other windows in the home as well, so All Under Wraps took care of that also. I also met a great couple in Tara Woods that had their windows tinted 23 years ago and had a single pane that had broken, she couldn’t get anyone to come out for 1 pane. So once again All Under Wraps to the rescue, she had a bronze film on the windows when I put my sample up they matched almost identical, I asked again how long had this film been on the windows, 23 years she said, the film looked good for it’s age that’s for sure. Once the new piece was on the set of windows looked good as new, and I got to meet a great couple. I appreciate all the work and referrals I’ve been getting lately, big thanks to everyone!

Galaxy fireworks is hot

I got a call from Galaxy Fireworks on Palm Beach Blvd and the front counter register area was getting blasted by the heat and sun. They needed something done badly, I took a reading on the floor it was 104°! The owner of the store had a few options to choose from but ultimately decided on the one way mirror film that blocks up to 84% of the heat! One the window was done and I was cleaned up I took another testing on the floor, it went down 14°! down to 90° that’s awesome! Hopefully this is the help that they were looking for, I know I felt cooler when I was done working.

Trying to get a GRIP on the heat coming in this office

My friend Natalie works for GRIP websites, she designs websites for as little as $250! She was dying in her office and needed me to come out and tint her windows. She already had a film on there but it wasn’t doing enough to block the heat coming into the room. So I ripped it off and we started over again, I took readings on the ground before the film came off it was about 89°, once the film came off it went up to almost 92° within a few minutes, and after I installed the new film, again within minutes the temp on the floor was down to 84°! Wow, big difference over the film but even bigger over having nothing on the glass, I also did a neighboring office in the bldg, but I forgot the after shots, but it was cooler in there too! And if anyone needs to get a start-up website going, Natalie spends a small amount of time with you to get you a great looking affordable website, let me know and I can put you in touch with her.

New film on left old film on right

Saving energy in your home in winter?

Yes we’ll we do live in Florida, so winter comes but maybe two or three days, if we’re lucky! So for the most part it’s hot and sunny, which is great, but not if its making your home hotter, and running up your electric bill. So my friend Todd, who sells life insurance, usually cheaper than most companies out there, needed his home protected. I showed him a few samples but his mind was already made up, he wanted it nice and dark and wanted the whole house done. Sunteks syds 15 was the perfect choice, great privacy and a 79% heat block! The side by sides look very drastic but when the whole window is done it’s much more like a pair of polarized glasses for your home, the details are much clearer, the film takes away all the harsh, bright white light, and lets you see bluer blues, and greener greens. This film also blocks 99% of the UV rays which fades blinds, drapes, furniture and flooring. We’re also working on a custom stained glass film for the front door and transom window, that should be in soon! This should help Todd to save some money on his bills, just like he can help you save on your insurance, if anyone needs a quote for his services, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him!

Another job for Jordan’s automotive plus…Photo bomb

Just completed another car for Jordan’s Automotive. And it’s been busy, busy, A mustang for a new driver, and he needs a little protection from the sun and heat in these horrible Florida winters. It’s going to get worse in the summer months and all my customers lately have been feeling the heat, from the Kia Forte, to the Dodge Charger and the Ford pickup, all the cars are now benefiting from more privacy and much better heat rejection. Big thanks to everyone at Jordan’s, they checked out my tires while I was working on the mustang and got me back on the road again! It really feels like family when you walk in there!

I was getting texts from a friend at the dealership, when can you tint my car!

My friend Tami, who is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork had sold her car and was picking up this beautiful new Lincoln, she was texting me from the dealership wanting to know when her car could get done. We went over the different choices of films that I offer, and what she has had on pervious cars and came up with the right combination of heat block, and privacy. When Tami’s done giving therapeutic massages all day she needs to relax herself, and the drive home should be alot more pleasant now thanks to the film. Not to mention the car is super plush inside, awesome seats beautiful leather stitched interior, all things that need to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thanks very much Tami for letting me work on your car, and if any one needs any of Tami’s therapeutic massages please let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with her, it would be a great gift for a husband, wife, or angry boss this Christmas season!