Jordan’s Automotive needs film!

I’ve known the owners of Jordan’s Automotive for quite a few months now. A great family owned and operated automotive repair/maintenance business in Ft Myers and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for their customers Tinting needs and some of their own familys film needs. But today they needed the film on the front of the business removed and reinstalled, the sun had really beaten it up over the years, and it was time to go. I needed tires on my car as, so while they did the install of them I did the install of the film. The film the owners chose will block 79% of the heat from their waiting room and workshop, even on a gloomy day like today it made a big difference. This is one of the darker films yet the visibility looking out is crystal clear. The drive to the next job was great the new tires are a much needed improvement, big thanks to Jordan’s Automotive for taking care of my car, they are the only mechanic I trust to touch my car!





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