I’m Tinting in the rain

Thanks alot Florida, I got there as early as I could and got to work in this pickup, I just tinted his wife’s Mazda and was able to get his truck in first thing Monday morning, we had spoke about film when I was at his house previously and he wanted the old film taken off and new Suntek CXP 18% put back onto the entire truck. I get the visor cut and shrank so I can install that in a little bit, and the clouds move closer, I get the passenger front door cut and shrank, and the clouds move closer, I cut and install the passenger rear door, and the clouds are on top of me. I strip and tint the front passenger door and the clouds opened up and God said I hate you Alfalfa! So I’m like ok I got this, I take my moving blanket and throw it on top of the truck and onto the drivers front and rear door, to make a little tent. I get back to work and add soon as I do the tarp falls right on me and all the water that had gathered up, yeah soaked me, so now I’m striping the window inside the truck, nice and steamy. In the end I got it all done just about when the rain stopped, figures. Truck looks great now no more purple tint, and 56% of the heat is being blocked out as well.



Clouds grrrrrr



Sitting in the truck striping on a window

Before people visor


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