Office privacy needed

My customer today was in need of privacy on the main window when you walk into their business, it was like a fishbowl the customer tells me. They were looking for something with a design, beach theme that would go with the rest of the office, so we discussed using a perforated vinyl, they are great for advertising or adding a picture to deter people from seeing into areas they aren’t supposed to. After deciding on a picture to use, I got with my printer and arranged a time to print this perf, after he printed the vinyl it needed time to dry but the next day I’m able to install it! It’s sometimes difficult to give complete privacy when there are lights on both sides of the glass, but it definitely takes away from seeing straight thru, the next step is we are going to add a layer of dark film to  have just a touch more privacy, this has totally changed the view for my customers when they walk into work now, they all loved it!

Plain glass no privacy, I see what they mean fishbowl

Such a difference

Beautiful view, personalized with the company name

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