I can’t wrap a present to save my life, but this fender..

I can’t, can’t wrap a present, you either get a racing stripe on the bottom playing peekaboo with the box, or seventeen pieces of tape and the square package is looking more round now, or you just get it in a bag, and be happy! But this fender needed to be wrapped in carbon fiber and I was up for the job, the customer had bought his own vinyl and was going to try and install himself but was having a hard time with it not being mounted to anything, so contacted me to install for him. This fender had some serious curves to it and was hard to not stretch the carbon fiber pattern, but one piece of vinyl later this fender looks totally different, it should look real good once the truck is ready for them, I see about three more in my future! Maybe I should start wrapping presents with vinyl?

Before black plastic fender flare

Ready to be wrapped

One piece carbon fiber wrapped fender 

That’s alot of curve

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