Beautiful view made just a little better

This customer lives in a high rise in Tarpon Point Marina in cape coral and was getting blasted by the sun in various areas of the condo. The heat coming into the home was intense and the only way to remedy that had been to shut the blinds and let the AC do the work to cool down the home. So I meet with the customer and go over some of the most popular options of film, that would help with their heat problem, they settled on Suntek Symphony series that would block 68% of the heat coming into their home and 99% UV block as well, which will help to slow down the fading process on their flooring and furniture. They have an amazing condo with an amazing view over the water and the preserve, that is now easier to see because the glare is gone and the blinds can stay open more while still keeping this horrible Florida great at bay, a big thanks goes out to this customer who let me work in their home, and install film on the entire condo, it’s gonna help out your cooling bill tremendously!

Left side done

Whole set completed no more glare

Two left sliders completed

Whole set completed your can see the Westin Hotel a lot clearer now

Before view over preserve area

After view over preserve its beautiful the Greens are greener and the blues are bluer now

Job completed, I give it two thumbs up!

Look at that view!

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