Chased thru traffic

So my wife and I are driving home and a white Nissan Versa comes flying past us, well we continue on our way and a little bit later a get a email from a customer looking to get his hood wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl, he didn’t know if this would be to small of a job or if I would be interested in doing it. We decided to meet that way I can see what the car looks like in person, so we settled on the type of carbon fiber he liked then he said he was thinking about doing the pillars between the doors in black, so I showed him his options and satin black was the perfect choice for him. Just doing this little bit on his car has really changed how it looks, nobody else’s looks the same, this customer was a riot, he races this car on the weekends and beats up on all these other cars out there with this little Nissan, the stickers on the sides of the car had me laughing so hard, and now with the carbon fiber he said it’s gonna add another 10 up, hahahaha. I love working with great customers like him! Next on his list is window film, we will meet again sir!





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