A little late night soul

Todays customer called me up and wanted the back hatch of his kia soul wrapped in black gloss to match the roof we had done a little while ago. He had been very happy with the way the rest of the wrap had turned out and was anxious to have more done. So the car got cleaned and prepped for vinyl installation, great care had to be taken around the windshield washer squirter because I did not remove it but still wanted a close wrap to the car. The multiple angles on the lower portion of the hatch made this a little difficult to wrap but a little time and patience, it laid right down. Once the wrap was complete it looks like glass or a black painted hatch, the reflection is amazing for vinyl, the look of the car is starting to come together for the owner, we also discussed Tinting the vehicle in the future as well as competing the wrap down the center of the vehicle and finishing with the hood, this car will look great when it’s all done, and totally different than any other Kia out there with all of its custom work, it’s definitely not every other Kia. Vinyl can change the way your car looks, even if your just doing an accent, your don’t have to wrap the whole car to make a difference.

Before… Boring


After… Complete difference






Great shot with the whole roof and hatch, car looks great


The reflection is amazing for vinyl


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