Old purple tint on office window

This office was looking out on his work yard, the view thru this nasty old film was horrible, it had what we call fingers that ran from the top to the bottom and was separated from the glass. I showed the customer one of the darkest film on the market, it blocks out 79% of the heat and gives almost complete privacy. The only time this film is viewable from the outside is at night with the lights on inside, as with all film you can see right in at night as if there’s nothing on the glass. When the window was done the room was darker but the view is clear and uninterrupted, the customer had walked out of the office after I removed the old film and didn’t come back in till I had the new film on the window I got a very big “WOW” he was very happy with the end results. It should help him out now with visibility and keeping that front office cooler.

Before dull faded


After bright vibrant


Before not giving great protection


After reflecting direct and indirect heat, bouncing off the ground onto the glass


Look how horrible this looks


Half the window film removed… Getting there


After crystal clear view and great protection


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