Nissan with flaking peeling paint

This customer has a Nissan Titan pickup and the paint and clear coat was deteriorating faster than it should. So instead of painting the whole truck he decided he would like to accent it and tie it in with the wheels a little more. So we looked thru the 3m sample book and found what would match up to the wheels, exactly what he was looking for. To prepare for this job the customer was made aware that I was going to try and scrub most of the peeling off to have the best surface to install the new vinyl. So we went to work, we were contacted to do the hood, roof, tailgate accent and rub strips on the side of the doors. Once everything had been cleaned the vinyl was installed and the difference is amazing. It made this truck look like brand new again with just some simple accents. And with a cost that is less than a paint job, the choice was easy and the customer can still remove and have a new color or style installed wherever he decides.
Hood before


Hood after


Nasty roof before… years of damage


Roof after


Tailgate before


Tailgate after


Full shot with rub strips also



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