Long trips across Alligator Alley film is a must

I was contacted by this gentleman who took frequent trips across Alligator Alley, he has the little old lady story for his Lincoln Towncar, older car with little mileage to and from the grocery store and now it’s in his possession. He was referred to me by the manager JJ, at Modern Auto Air, this customer loves to be personally referred to someone that he does business with, so it was a pleasure to be able to work with him and his wife. He was looking for the best protection he could gain all while staying compliant with Florida law concerning film on vehicles. He decided Suntek CXP film was the right choice with its high heat reduction and 99% ultraviolet light being blocked, even the legal shades will block 53% on the front doors the back is a touch darker it will block 56% of heat, huge increase over clear glass. The car is completely transformed when done, now it’s an efficient people mover and they will be cooler while they ride.





All film is cut on the outside of the vehicle this back window has quite a bit of shrinking to do to make it lay down nice and smooth on this curved glass


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