Kia got some Soul

Got a phone call and the young man has a Kia Soul that he purchased black gloss vinyl for, he and someone else attempted to try and do the wrap and realized they bit off a little too much. So we were contacted to install the customers vinyl, he brought the car over and dropped it and the vinyl off for us to get started on. He had told me that he had waxed the car so all that had to be taken off and a good wipe down with alcohol to get it nice and clean before we could wrap. After that it was just a matter of stretching and squeegeeing to push out the air. The finished product looks great the roof looks like glass now, it’s amazing how vinyl can change the look of the car. And if he ever gets tired of having it on there it can be removed and he can rest assured the paint under the vinyl is protected from fading and rock chips and other small damaging debris that might damage the paint.






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