“Because I want Tint that’s why”

I received a call from a woman that was going to be purchasing a new Cadillac Escalade, when talking on the phone she said she was getting the car in the next couple days and wanted Tint because, well she just wanted it that’s why. I laughed and said well alright, call me when you have the vehicle and I’ll come right out to your work and take care of you. We spoke the night before and arranged to come out the next morning and install. She chose to go with Sunteks CXP film for its high heat reduction and the privacy aspect of the film is very popular. Upon looking at the interior I noticed suede, leather and real wood absolutely beautiful, definitely needed protection from the sun but also from the water I have to use to install the film, so I wrapped the interior with a plastic tarp all taped down to protect the delicate materials on the door panel. All finished Tinting and the exterior looks very classy, the interior looks just as good as when I took possession of the vehicle, if not a little better thanks to the film. We also spoke about still installing a light shade on the back of the vehicle as well to benefit from as little as 44% more heat being blocked while still having clear visibility.








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