Safety in mind

After my eye Dr. saw the benefits of a safety film she immediately wanted her new townhome protected as well. She had been broken into on several occasions and was tired of the stress and worry about being violated and stolen from at her business, many expensive eyeglass frames were stolen not to mention broken glass everywhere from the window. A clear safety film was installed to perfect her office while still allowing customers to see into it. On her home however she was still worried about the protection from break in and storm related breakage, but she was also worried about the amount of heat coming into her home. She liked the natural light very much and it was hard to sway her but we decided to go with Sunteks syds25 for its great heat reduction 68% and it makes everything look more natframe the glare is reduced the heat is being stopped at the glass instead of slowly getting absorbed into the home. It’s like a pair of polarized glasses for your home. Now she has all the protection from the sun and it’s damaging rays and the safety of holding the glass together and in the frame in the event of breakage. We also did a specialty film made to give the look of stained glass without the high cost, it instantly changes the way the entry looks.





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