My introduction

I probably should have posted this first, my name is David Cammarata, I have been installing windows film for a large family owned company since 2004. I install residential and commercial film for solar heat protection and privacy, as well as tinting automobiles. In 2013 my wife Megan and I started this company. I started by wrapping my 07 VW GTI


With a 3m matte olive green vinyl


A couple years later I got tired of that color and decided to remove it and do 3m matte blue metallic vinyl


Then we decided that Megan wanted her car done so we had to choose a very subtle color, something that would blend in, lol, so we choose Avery Dennison matte orange vinyl


Window tinting is my profession but wrapping cars is hobby that has turned into more.
I have recently purchased my newest car


And again we were thinking of the next way to express our subtlety, lol, so I decided to go with 3m satin bitter yellow


Then we had to get our logo and a little advertising on her, so black matte cut vinyl was designed and installed


Now we are pushing to cool off as many people’s lives as we can!

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